Read With Me?

Starting Thursday, January 20th, I’ll be leading a group of women from our church through the book  Loving Our Kids on Purpose, by Danny Silk. I thought some of you might want to join us and read along.

I finished the book over the holidays and found it to be a useful tool to add to my parenting tool belt (I actually stole that analogy from the author).

I thought you might like some information about the author and book: Danny Silk is a Family Pastor at Bethel Church in California, where Bill Johnson preaches. Our church gleans much from Bethel, from music to teachings.

Danny Silk’s whole concept is to parent your children through choices, rather than force or punishment, in a way that teaches your children to manage the freedom they will encounter in life and to learn that the only person they can control is themselves. He also emphasizes the concern for a person’s heart in that he wants to instill why we make good choices over making good choices for fear of punishment.

I really like his overall concept but do feel that this book is missing some key strategies to make his approach feasible; these are strategies I think he must use but just did not include them in this book.  I will discuss these strategies in the Bible Study and on the blog. But overall, I think there is so much to gain from reading this book.

My goal is to have a weekly post concerning the pages read for that week. I’m telling you right now that I may be biting off more than I can chew with leading a study on this book and blogging about it. Even if I’m only able to do an occasional post about the book, I still think the book is worth reading for anyone interested.

I’ll tell you upfront, if you read the book, you will be challenged personally. There is a part about why we lecture our children that hit me so hard, I just had to turn the page and keep reading – too much to deal with in one sitting!! Also, if you read the book, you are not likely to agree with every thing he says. That’s okay. You should gain way more than you disagree with.

I know Mardel stores carry the book, but our store had only 5 copies left in the warehouse so you might want to order online. I paid $17 for mine at Mardel; has them for $6.80 + shipping, clearly the better bargain. The link is below.


You should have time to order it and get it before we start reading. The group at my church will discuss the Introduction and first part of Chapter 1 (pages 25-40) on Thursday, January 27th. I’ll post the specifics of our reading timetable later so you can follow along with us if you like.

So come read with me!


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  1. Janae
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 22:46:25

    I ordered mine from Amazon last night, the 17th. With standard ground shipping it cost $10.79 and should be here by the 24th. Just FYI. I’m looking forward to the study, I can always use some new tools for my tool belt!


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