My Girl is Growing Up

This past weekend was full of milestones for my sweet Jocelin.  On Sunday, she turned 8 years old. With the oldest, each birthday seems like a big deal and always plunges me into reflection:

  • I’ve been parenting for 8 years now
  • 8 years ago, our family looked so different – just Bradley and I, my how this family has changed and grown
  • 8 years old – that means it is time to start studying up on “Tween” life and prepare for the fact that Jocelin will begin moving from little girl stage to pre-puberty stage – holy crow (as my husband would say)

I’ve heard a parenting teacher call the first child, “Learning-child #1” which is certainly true. The first child is the one you learn how to parent with. Each child after that gives you room to tweak your parenting-skill and not just say, “if I had a chance to do it again” but to actually do it again. The first child bears the brunt of the learning curve into parenting.

They are a special, chosen race – the First Borns. My Jocelin handles this role with such grace. She leads the way in this family and God continually confirms to me that He put her first for a reason.

On her birthday weekend, she paved the way of “first in the family” again. On Saturday morning, for her birthday, Jocelin took the plunge and got her ears pierced.  Around here, waiting until you are 8 is pretty late to get your ears pierced, but I’m so thankful she waited: it made it much more of a special right-of-passage as a girl.

The whole concept freaked her out until a few months ago, and then all of a sudden, she wanted to do and that was that. She bravely walked in, chose her light purple cubic-zirconium studs, and sat so still while the sweet Merle Norman lady pierced each ear.  No crying, no complaining (well not until the next day when the soreness set in), just a sweet, proud girl.

Then, Saturday night, she made another huge right-of-passage: Jocelin got baptized!!! A little over a week ago, Jocelin gave her life to Jesus on a Wednesday night at church. She said she felt like she heard God tell her it was time to ask Him to be the Lord of her life, so she talked to one of her teachers and didn’t want to wait any longer. She prayed right then and there!

So this Saturday, Bradley baptized her! Some one asked her at the beginning of church if she was nervous, “No, just excited,” she said. She has been growing in her own personal walk with God and it is so sweet to see her confidence with matters of the Lord.  She has been worshiping Him in our services, hearing Him speak to her, waving a flag in church, and starting the process from God being someone she follows because we do, to learning to love Him on her own. Of course, as a parent, nothing is more beautiful to watch.

So Jocelin boldly walked in the water with her Daddy, told the congregation all about how God called her to Him, and walked out of the water with her Dad and brother!

Our camera is so, so, so lame that all we have is this grainy picture, but it is still worth showing. (we will be buying a new camera soon!)

Dad talking

the baptizing

the wet celebrating!

On a final note, my friend Tamra has a daughter one year older than Jocelin and when Tamra got pregnant with Kailee, I knew I would want to have a child close to her age, and then not too long after, we began our family.  As I watched Tamra with Kailee, I followed in her footsteps in so many ways from the products I bought to the things I did with Jocelin. So I thought it was especially sweet that on Kailee’s birthday a month ago, she was baptized, and now Jocelin did the same thing on her birthday weekend. Tamra, I promise I didn’t put her up to it!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jana Kelley
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 15:10:36

    Such a blessing and a joy! Thanks for sharing these sweet moments.


  2. Tamra
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 09:01:42

    Shawn, how amazing!! You should have told us that and we would have come to watch! We are so proud of her, and so amazed at the parents you guys are. We love you all so much! Yay sweet girl!


  3. Emily
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 11:07:35

    this is beautiful, Shawn!! Jocelin is such a precious girl…still remember seeing her for the first time @ Hardin Simmons University!! she had such amazing baby chubby legs! 🙂 I’ll never forget.
    reading this tugged at my heart for you…and for the fact that we’re growing children together… zayne will be 6 in january…he’s getting there and the story about J and Jesus is … beautiful.


  4. Kedra
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 16:19:18

    this is wonderful! 8 years old? really? has it been that long? she is beautiful, shawn!


  5. Dre Legit
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 12:08:55

    Your kiddos are getting SO big. :)))) Congrats to J, I am so happy for her and you guys! What a huge deal. It brought tears to my eyes. 🙂 Love and miss you guys. 🙂 Tell Mason Dre says hi. 😉 Miss that kid!


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